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About E.T. Duval & Sons

Today we are in the fourth generation of our family-owned business. It all started in 1932 when Emery Duval
opened a small fabrication shop out of his garage, working primarily for Leominster area businesses.

Emery’s son, Ronald F. Duval, inherited the business in

Founder: Emery T. Duval 1889-1945

1945. The shop remained in the garage for several more years until it became too small to handle the growing business.

Prospects grew to other industries across a wider geography, making expansion of the shop inevitable. A full-service shop facility was built just across the street from the garage to meet customer needs.

Ronald’s brother, Francis, joined the family business in 1950. The Duval brothers then transformed their father’s small home-grown business into a professional metal fabrication company.

We now serve the Greater New England area from our state of the art fabrication shop, designing for your needs with the latest computer software to give you the highest quality products from start to finish.